Ready-to-Use Applications

OpenIMU ships with a number of ready to use, downloadable applications to help the user get started. These apps can be compiled without modification and downloaded to your unit. All OpenIMU modules by default ship with the IMU app described on the IMU App page.

To learn about ready to use apps available for immediate download to your OpenIMU, please see the the following page: Aceinna Navigation Studio - Getting Started


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To install ready-made apps to your IMU, please make sure the user have installed the OpenIMU python driver described in the “Development Tools - Python Interface” subsection and started the server.

To build a custom app, please follow the tutorial provided later in the OpenIMU documentation at “Tutorial - What The User Needs to Know to Build The First Application”

The following Ready-To-Use Applications are available:

  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) App
  • Leveler App
  • AHRS/VG Dynamic Attitude App
  • GPS/INS App