Tutorial - What The User Needs to Know to Build The First Application

OpenIMU Core

The OpenIMU Core is the foundation for the Platform application and all other example and custom applications. However, it is not supplied as a separate application. The OpenIMU Core provides the Board Support Package (BSP), FreeRTOS, command line interface capability, filters, GPS interface capability, math functionality, and various utilities, including the base examples for the C-language main function and the data acquisition functionality.

EZ Embed Example Applications

The following applications are implicitly based on use of an EZ Embed* OpenIMU units, such as the OpenIMU300ZI and OpenIMU330BI.

To get you acquainted with the OpenIMU environment, let’s walk through the development of the following applications:

IMU Application

The term Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) refers to a device that returns calibrated inertial-sensor data. This application forms the backbone of all other example applications as each requires inertial measurements to generate other results.

Static-Leveler Application

The Static-Leveler application uses accelerometer readings to measure the local gravity-field and compute the two-axis attitude (roll and pitch angles) of a body relative to the local-level frame. A Leveler application could be used to provide stabilization for cameras and other systems that require linear and rotational stability.

VG&AHRS Applications

The Vertical Gyro (VG) application and the Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) application use rate-sensors, accelerometers, and (for the AHRS application) magnetometers to compute the attitude and heading of a body in space. Rate-sensors are used to propagate the attitude forward in time at high output data-rates (ODR) while accelerometers and magnetometers act as references, correcting for rate-sensor biases and attitude errors.

INS Application

The Inertial Navigation System (INS) application supports all of the features and operating modes of the VG&AHRS applications. In addition it includes the additional capability of interfacing with an external GPS receiver and associated software running on the processor for computation of navigation position information as well as orientation information.

Robust CAN Example Applications

The CAN example applications are implemented for OpenIMU300RI unit with CAN interface.
Next example applications available for OpenIMU300RI unit:
  • IMU application which are using SAE J1939 Messaging Standard.
  • VG_AHRS application which are using SAE J1939 Messaging Standard.
  • INS application which are using SAE J1939 Messaging Standard.