WARNING!!!! Before You Start Development

Before You start developing it is recommended to read whole unit image and save it to binary file to be able to recover unit if something unexpected happened

Unit image consists of:

  1. Bootloader
  2. Original (factory) application image
  3. Calibration and Configuration partitions.

If bootloader or calibration tables are damaged - unit will not work properly!!!.

Save unit image:

  1. Install ST-Link Utility from here: https://www.st.com/en/development-tools/stsw-link004.html

  2. Connect ST-Link debugger to OpenIMU Evaluation Kit. and to PC

  3. Power On Evaluation Kit

  4. Start ST-Link utility on your PC.

  5. Click Device->Connect.

  6. Enter value 0x80000 for OpenIMU300 and 0x20000 for OpenIMU330 into Size box and hit enter

  7. Click File->SaveAs and save image to well known location. For OpenIMU300 image size should be 512K bytes. For OpenIMU330 image size should be 128 KBytes.


Recover unit image:

  1. Connect ST-Link debugger to OpenIMU Evaluation Kit. and to PC

  2. Power On Evaluation Kit

  3. Start ST-Link utility on your PC.

  4. Click Device->Connect.

  5. Click File->open and open previously saved file.

  6. Click Target->Program&Verify.

  7. Make sure that Start address is 0x08000000 and click Start.

  8. After reprogramming of OpenIMU300 unit (RI or ZI) perform write protection of sectors 0 and 2

  9. After reprogramming of OpenIMU330BI unit perform write protection of last 6 sectors (58 to 63)