OpenIMU is a precisely calibrated, open-source Inertial Measurement Unit platform for the development of navigation and localization algorithms. A free Visual Studio Code (VSCode) extension is installed which contains all the software and tools necessary to create and deploy custom embedded sensor apps using OpenIMU. Visual Studio Code is the recommended IDE and the extension configures VS Code to include easy access to compilation, code download, JTAG debug, IMU data logging as well as OpenIMU platform updates and news. A developer website called Aceinna Navigation Studio (ANS) includes additional support tools including a GUI for controlling, plotting and managing data files logged by your Custom IMU.


The OpenIMU and ANS platform and tool-chain are supported on all three Major OS cross-development platform:

  • Windows 7 or 10
  • MAC OS 10
  • Ubuntu 14.0 or later


Contributions to the public repositories related to this project are welcomed. Please submit a pull request.

The following pages cover:

  • What is OpenIMU
  • What is the Acienna Navigation Studio
  • Who is using OpenIMU and the Acienna Navigation Studio