OpenIMU300RI - Rugged Industrial CAN Module

The following image shows the OpenIMU300RI unit.


The following diagram shows the default coordinate frame for the OpenIMU300RI. The coordinate frame can be changed using a UART or CAN message.


OpenIMU300RI Default Coordinate Frame

The OpenIMU300RI Robust Industrial CAN module integrates highly-reliable MEMS inertial sensors (acceleration, angular rate/gyro, and magnetic field) in a miniature factory-calibrated package to provide consistent performance through the extreme operating environments.

OpenIMU300RI has excellent acceleration and gyro performance that matches systems ten times more expensive.

  • Hardware
    • Precision 3-axis MEMS Accelerometer
    • Low-Drift 3-axis MEMS angular rate sensor
    • High Performance 3-axis AMR Magnetometer
    • 168 MHz ARM M4 microcontroller
    • Wide Temp Range, -40C to +85C
    • Wide Supply Voltage Range, 5 V – 32 V
    • High Reliability, MTBF > 50k hours
    • IP67 Ampseal Connector
      • CAN 2.0 interface
    • UART - conditionally, one of the following:
      • Debug Console interface
      • -or- Aceinna Navigation Studio interface
    • SPI and I2C buses for communicating with internal sensor peripherals
      • SPI - Angular Rate sensor
      • I2C - Accelerometer and Magnetometer (if present)
  • Firmware and Firmware Support
    • In-System Firmware Upgrade
    • Open Source Tool Chain
    • Open Source Algorithms (VG / AHRS / INS)
    • Built in 16-State Open Source Extended State Kalman Filter
    • Open Community & Support

Ready to Use Application

To learn about Ready-to-Use-Apps information & available for immediate download to your OpenIMU, please see the following pages:

  1. Ready-to-Use-Applications Information
  2. Need to run the OpenIMU server before running one of the ready to use applications
  3. Then upload a prebuilt app to your OpenIMU