OpenIMU300RI Eval Kit Fixture and Board


The Power/CAN/RS232 cable shown is not the cable that will be provided in the kit. It is similar and is provided temporarily until an image of the actual cable is available.


OpenIMU300RI Eval Kit Fixture and Board

The OpenIMU300RI module and the JTAG header board are mounted together on a precision fixture to assist in testing. The OpenIMU300RI Eval Kit provides interfaces to the main connector of the OpenIMU300RI and to the JTAG header board. The JTAG header, the OpenIMU300RI 9-pin D-sub connector, and the CAN 9-pin D-sub connector provide the means to connect the OpenIMU300RI Eval Kit to a PC.

OpenIMU300RI Default Coordinate System

The OpenIMU default coordinate systems is shown below. In the reference IMU apps, a configuration setting is provided to control the coordinate system. These configurable elements are known as Configuration Parameters.