OpenIMU300RI Connector Pinout

The OpenIMU300RI mating connector is the TE Connectivity 776531-1 (Ampseal-16 Housing “AS 16, 6P PLUG ASSY, RD, KEY 1” ) or equivalent.


OpenIMU300RI Connector

The pinout for that connector is shown in the following diagram. Pin 1 is in the upper right corner of the diagram.


OpenIMU300RI Connector Pinout

The connector pin definitions are defined in the table below.


OpenIMU300RI Connector Pinout


Power is applied to the OpenIMU300RI on pin 6. Pin 3 is ground. The OpenIMU300RI accepts an unregulated 4.9 to 32 VDC input. It is reverse polarity and ESD protected internally