The applications for all OpenIMU300 units use the FreeRTOS Real-Time Operating System (FreeRTOS Site), while OpenIMU330 units uses a simple real-time scheduler. FreeRTOS is very widely used, as it is feature-rich, has a small footprint, and can be used in commercial application without having to expose intellectual property.

FreeRTOS is licensed under the MIT Open Source License (FreeRTOS Licence Page).

The FreeRTOS site provides a wealth of informative online documents and PDF books that can be downloaded.

The FreeRTOS source code is supplied, but the user is advised to not change anything in the code.

The many FreeRTOS header files are located in the “FreeRTOS library/include’ directory. The user is urged to search in that directory when any FreeRTOS related API function prototype, data type, ‘#define’ literal constant, or any other FreeRTOS related item