Each of the examples have its associated application pre-built as .bin files, which can be downloaded directly onto the OpenIMU hardware directly from Aceinna Navigation Studio.

Download Procedure

Connect to the OpenIMU Python Server

From the terminal window, issue the command to start the OpenIMU Python Server:


Python Server Connection

Connect the Unit to the Aceinna Navigation Studio

From the Aceinna Navigation Studio main page, select Code and Apps from the menu on the left-hand side of the window


ANS Applications

Downloading the Application

Navigate to the desired application and click the Download link at the bottom of the application box. In this case, select the IMU Application Download link.


IMU Application

Once the Download link has been clicked, a progress bar at the top of the application box will indicate how much time is left to download the application:


Application Download Progress

Download Progress View In Terminal

Additionally terminal messages in the window in which the Python server is running will indicate progress. Once complete, the terminal will indicate Success and restart the app. At this point the unit is now running the downloaded application.


Terminal Download Progress Screen

The unit can now be connected to the Navigation Studio and data plotted or saved in an output file.